• Are you interested in collaboration?
      If you are a company or individual and are interested in collaborating with Add More Colors please email contact@addmorecolors.com.


    • I didn’t receive my order, what should I do?
      In very rare cases, packages get lost in the mail. If your package is lost we will replace it for you at no charge. However, if your tracking number indicates that your package has been delivered we cannot be held responsible. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.
    • Can I edit / change my order?
      If you have placed an order and would like to change it (product, size, shipping address etc) we will try our best to do so before your items are shipped. Please note we cannot promise to change orders, we suggest double checking before placing your order. For order enquiries you should contact contact@addmorecolors.com


    • Do you ship worldwide?
      Yes, we ship worldwide.